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Tea in a Teacup
http://teainateacup.wordpress.com/ 2012 Сен 16, 22:44

The day begins with Yard Duty in the carpark!

The day finally arrived! After months of preparation, my husband sallied forth with his hat and his cane, journeying in his "curricle”, to the Book Week Parade!

His first duty of the day was his Customary Morning Yard Supervision in the carriage-parking facilities at the front of the school. He was in a prime position to be admired! I overheard many comments in the carpark about how good he looked!

Admittedly, some students mistook him for Willa Wonka from the Chocolate Factory… hmmm, there is something seriously wrong there… But these are school kids we are talking about! And I am not really sure how many of them have been indoctrinated by their parents from an early age as to the importance of good English literature!

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